Friday, November 29, 2013

Nora Arrives!

Today a package was found on our back porch when we arrived home.  It was addressed to the E's from the North Pole.  E1 knew exactly who the present was from.  SANTA!
For those who do not know E1 is my 5 year old son and E2 is my 2 year old daughter.
Now in our house Santa is a man who is so overcome by the gift that Jesus gave to us, that he spreads his joy by bringing all of the GOOD boys and girls ONE gift for Jesus' Birthday.
There is more to the story, but that really isn't the point of this arrival.
E1 eagerly ripped open the package while E2 whined about her shoes being dirty  (E2 is only 2 and quite frankly doesn't care what is in the box at this point).
Inside the box was a letter from Santa, a Book, and a Female Elf.
"Dear E1&E2,
I have sent one of my BEST Elves to watch over you this year, Nora.  She will be reporting back to me every night after you go to sleep about your behavior, good and bad.  Please carefully listen to the story and instructions in the book I enclosed.  Remember not to touch her.  Only Adults can. 
Love, Santa"
As soon as my husband read the letter, E2 reached towards the box.  E1 screamed  NOT to touch Nora!  That resulted in a temporary melt down from E2, but at least E1 was listening.
We Skipped over the part on letting our kids name the Elf themselves.  My husband and I just picked a short and easy to pronounce name.  No fighting and no struggling 2 year old trying to pronounce the name of whatever Dinosaur her 5 year old brother name the Elf after.
After reading the story that Nora came with, we went over the story with the kids.  Making sure that they understood the 'Magic' Nora possessed and why she was here this Holiday Season.
I then picked up Nora and set her on our fireplace mantle to keep a watchful eye on the children.

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